Hockey Equipment for off-ice training
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Easyhands - OBR 1 Easyhands - THUMB 1
Easyhands - OBR 2 Easyhands - THUMB 2
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Easyhands - OBR 4 Easyhands - THUMB 4
Easyhands - OBR 5 Easyhands - THUMB 5


Easyhands is designed for stickhandling training. It will greatly improve your speed, timing, eye / hand coordination, accuracy and consistency with the puck. It has universal use not only on ice, but also on any surface such as shooting boards, driveway or garage floor. Easyhands has a metallic design that, thanks to its weight, with its anti-skid tips (included in the package) ensures its stability.

      108 Eur VAT included
  • 90,00 Eur without VAT

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