Hockey Equipment for off-ice training
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Shooter features Hockey goal with a tutor shooter into which the player is commanded to shoot by the monitor. 4 holes are located in the corners of the gate and the fifth between the legs of the goalkeeper. Another component is a monitor that is dazed above the gate. It is designed to select to show the player where to shoot. This means that a green light will flash on one of the corners to indicate the place where the player will shoot. Subsequently, after 10 shots, the software evaluates the success of the player. You have many options to choose from, for example - Time between the shots, number of shots, hardcore mode and much more.

Multimedia (monitor, computer) are not part of the delivery.


  23 198 Eur VAT included Price: 19 332,00 Eur without VAT

The hockey goal is delivered with a net. Goal opening measures as official IIHF goal (183cm x 122cm). However, because of the space saving it is narrowed from 81 cm to 54 cm, which has no effect on its stability. It is made of durable steel and powder-coated. You can improve your goal-based training with accessories like Tutor shooter, passmaster and more. It has universal use, not only for ice, but also on any surface such as synthetic ice, driveway or garage floor.

  507 Eur VAT included Price: 423,00 Eur without VAT

TUTOR SHOOTER is shooting training aid designed for shooting exercise and firing precision shooting. The shooter is made of durable material and has 5 holes. Big openings in the corners of the goal and a small hole between the legs of the goalie.The size of the sail is suitable for any classic 72 "(183cm x 122cm x 81cm) hockey goals.

  261 Eur VAT included Price: 218,00 Eur without VAT

Easyhands is designed for stickhandling training. It will greatly improve your speed, timing, eye / hand coordination, accuracy and consistency with the puck. It has universal use not only on ice, but also on any surface such as shooting boards, driveway or garage floor. Easyhands has a metallic design that, thanks to its weight, with its anti-skid tips (included in the package) ensures its stability.

  199 Eur VAT included Price: 166,00 Eur without VAT

The small hockey goal from Prosporttec is a great tool for schools, sports clubs or recreational sports and entertainment. It is the ideal tool for a match on a pond, small playground. It can also be used to develop shooting accuracy with a hockey-ball or an inline puck. For maximum safety, all rods are round with rounded corners.

  307 Eur VAT included Price: 256,00 Eur without VAT