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Vertimax V8

Vertimax V8 is used to increase the explosive power of legs, speed and endurance, which dramatically increases the game's performance on ice. In addition to the conditioning capabilities, it also serves to strengthen the deep stabilization system (CORE) and small auxiliary muscles that help prevent injuries.

It is designed for vertical jump and speed training on and off the training board. On one Vertimax he can train up to 5 people at a time. One on the board and four outside.

Vertimax V8 allows the athlete to combine various body parts with training ropes.

This unique option allows coaches:

1) Create accurate resistances of vectors for individual sports according to desired moves,

2) The design of the exercise board design using these two training ropes across the upper perimeter allows - to be attached to the hands, hips or legs. Athletes can train with one or eight ropes at a time.

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