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Russian plyo box

The result of use is to achieve a stronger skater that has the ability to stay below the ice, extend the step by another 12 to 25 cm as before, skewer the opponent and be intense at every change. No plyo equipment provide a greater range of muscles or muscles, such as the RUSSIAN PLYO BOX, which should be included in any dry training program.

RUSSIAN PLYO BOX is your answer to achieving improvements in the area:

- explosive leg performance,

- strengthening the center of the body,

- balance,

- speed,

- intensity,

- coordination,

- endurance,

- dexterity.

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  • 1330,00 Eur without VAT

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Russian Plyobox Atribute
Surface Non-slip platform
Colour Black, Blue, White
Weight 130kg
Size of board 1000×500 mm

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