Hockey Equipment for off-ice training
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Hockey treadmill

Special package Hockey Treadmill HST C230 Economy + Instructor + 50m synthetic ice

The package contains the economical version of the HST - C230 Economy, along with the Instructor software and 50 square meeters of FunICE synthetic ice for the correct training.

The HST Hockey Treadmill is a globally recognized solution from HDTS that is designed to improve the individual skills of hockey players.

Its tasks are to develop:

  • Skating technique.
  • Shooting skills.
  • Peripheral vision.
  • Player's physical and coordination skills.
  • And provide a platform for professional testing of players.
      98 400 Eur VAT included
  • 82000,00 Eur without VAT

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The hockey treadmill is a highly effective tool for improving not only skating itself, but also shooting skills, stickhandling skills, peripheral vision. In addition, HST training helps to improve the player's fitness and coordination.

Key benefits:

  • Even without access to the ice, you can improve your skating technique, shooting and other individual playing skills.
  • An integrated expandable package with other HDTS Fusion Skating products (the ability to modify the specified package into a full-fledged hockey center).
  • You train according to special methodological exercises, divided by categories and training plans, which are in the Instructor application on the screen. 

Specification and technical parameters

  • Speed range 1-28 km/h.
  • Skating treadmill dimensions: 3000 mm x 2600 mm x 550 mm.
  • Skatemill with puck deck plates: 3710 mm x 3060 mm.
  • Smoothest skating surface dimensions: width 2300 mm, length 1900 mm.
  • Standard quality materials used.
  • Extended lifetime of slats.
  • Lower height of the machine (hydraulic system not provided).
  • Noise level: standard operating speed – 74 dB.
  • Safety system: automatic overhead shut off switch.
  • Metal harness system: ground mount, 2 harnesses included.
  • Handrail bar mounted to harness system.
  • Control panel mounted to harness system.
  • Motor and electrical: horse power 7,5 (5,6 KW), 3 phases, voltage 220/440 V.
  • Remote control: 1 piece, 5 meter range.
  • Warranty: 1 year standard, could be extended.
  • Support: online monitoring suite.
  • Water cooling system.
  • Synthetic ice.
  • Overall weight: approx. 1800 kg by configuration.



The package contains:

Name Amount Description Image
HST C230 Economy 1x A friendly priced skating treadmill for training skating techniques, developing physical conditions and hockey skills.
Instructor 1x Software with a database of over 200 exercises for training on hockey treadmill.
Synthetic ice FunICE 1x FunIce - the perfect artificial ice with sliding properties similar to natural ice

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