Hockey Equipment for off-ice training
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Special package Hockey Treadmill HST C230 Economy + Instructor + 50m synthetic ice

The package contains the economical version of the HST - C230 Economy, along with the Instructor software and 50 square meeters of FunICE synthetic ice for the correct training.

The HST Hockey Treadmill is a globally recognized solution from HDTS that is designed to improve the individual skills of hockey players.

Its tasks are to develop:

  • Skating technique.
  • Shooting skills.
  • Peripheral vision.
  • Player's physical and coordination skills.
  • And provide a platform for professional testing of players.
  113 400 Eur VAT included Price: 94 500,00 Eur without VAT

The most efficient way to get the best results with beeSPORT.

BeeSPORT is an integrated platform that includes a group of related applications with a player / team card, which allows not only testing various parameters, but also collecting all important information about the athlete in one place with online access and generating various reports about the athlete, training plans and tracking their implementation. Better physical condition combined with your own training plan results in an overall improvement in the performance of the team and individual athletes. The modern approach to the training process is based on a set of parameters for each athlete for the effective development of his qualities. It is a unique tool for implementing player training methodology for maximum performance. The lite version of this package contains everything you need to test athletes in the gym, including equipment and a group of tests. The package does not contain light gates for testing on ice.

  44 880 Eur VAT included Price: 37 400,00 Eur without VAT