Hockey Equipment for off-ice training
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Extension packages allow any installed skating treadmill to be modified into a full hockey development center, regardless of the model and manufacturer of the skating treadmill / skatemill. The first extension is aimed at diagnosing skating technique and detecting errors while skating in real time. The package includes:

  • Skating Analysis
  • Live Delay
  • Instructor
  36 028 Eur VAT included Price: 30 024,00 Eur without VAT

With a hockey treadmill installed (almost any, from any manufacturer), you can expand its functionality to the level of a full-fledged hockey training center. Part of the package is:

  • Shooter
  • Peripheral Navigation
  • Laser tool
  • Hockey training equipment
  35 983 Eur VAT included Price: 29 986,00 Eur without VAT

The third extension is a set of equipment and software for testing directly on your hockey treadmill / skatemill. Thanks to him, you, having only any installed skating treadmill, will be able to carry out full professional testing of hockey players, detect their preparation for tournaments, etc.

This extension includes:

  • Stride power
  • WinGate software
  • PowerGate software
  61 233 Eur VAT included Price: 51 028,00 Eur without VAT